Pulsed Light Therapy

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If you are a person who lives with unwanted hair, facial veins, acne, rosacea or dark spots on the skin, there is now a treatment that addresses these conditions with the most advanced technology on the market. Eden Esthetics has this new treatment known as Palomar Pulsed Light System, the StarLux. This treatment complements the services offered by Eden such as cosmetic plastic surgeries, treatments such as Botox, Restylane, Perlane, and others that are integrated to improve physical and mental health.

The Palomar Starlux Pulsed Light System treats vascular lesions such as veins visible on the face that may be blue, red or purple in colors; better known as "spider veins". Rosacea, acne and permanent removal of hair are other conditions that can be addressed with this innovative system designed so that results are seen in less time than other treatments.

During this treatment filtered light is directed to the skin absorbsthat absorbs melatonin in skin lesions that are dark or in the hair follicle. The light heats the pigment and destroys the hair follicle and the cells that produce the dark pigment. In the case of the veins, the light is absorbed by hemoglobin in the veins causing them to shrink and disappear from view.

The Palomar Pulsed Light System system is cool for the skin and is a safer and more effective treatment than lasers in many cases. Many patients describe the sensation of a tap without much pain. No side effects are seen except a little redness and tenderness for the first few days, but these disappear within a few days leading to a soft, clear tone skin with improved texture.

The aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures involve both physical and psychological objectives. Good health and realistic expectations are prerequisites for a successful operation and treatment. The quality of the skin and the patient's health status are also very important. At Eden Esthetics we try to improve the quality of the skin to prepare it for any invasive or non invasive procedure, and to reduce the complications during recovery. This may include facials, or in some cases, peeling in certain areas of the body depending on the treatment or surgical procedure.