The aim of plastic surgery is to improve the appearance and physical function of the body. After surgery, most patients report a new sense of wellbeing and confidence. The patient must have realistic expectations to achieve a satisfactory result. It is very important that you evaluate your goals well, understand the risks and limitations of procedures, and trust your surgeon.

A surgical procedure combines art and science, not magic. The surgeon has to work with materials supplied by the patient, so there are certain factors that limit what can be done. For example, it is not possible to create a thin, curved nose based on someone who has a wide nose covered with thick skin. Even if it were possible to such a drastic change, this would give the patient an artificial appearance out of balance with the rest of their face.

The quality of the skin and the patient's health are also very important. At Eden Esthetics we try to improve the quality of the skin to prepare it for surgery and to decrease any complications during recovery. This may include facial treatments, skin cleansing, or in some cases "peeling" in certain areas of the body. All these procedures are done by our certified estheticians. We also provide guidance and recommendations regarding the patient's health, and provide help in any behavior modification necessary to obtain a better result.

I often get asked by my patients if they will look much better. This is difficult to answer because appearance is very subjective. The surgeon cannot be absolutely sure of what "better" means for the patient. However, the objective of plastic surgery to improve physical appearance, and this is usually achieved. The surgeon must be able to discuss with you your sense of balance and body harmony and how it applies to your body.

Many patients are surprised when people don't notice changes after an operation. This is probably due to them not noticing the imperfection prior to surgery. The decision to operate should be a personal one and not based on what people may or may not think of you. Changes that are overly noticeable tend to appear very artificial and should be avoided.