Price: $1,000.00

Endermologie® massages address uneven skin surfaces caused by cellulite. The massages are done with a patented mechanical head that generates suction to collect folds of skin that are massaged with two rollers. The massage increases circulation to the skin and subcutaneous tissue containing cellulite. In this way it gradually breaks up fatty tissue and redistributes the water in the tissue. After 10 to 15 treatments the bothersome areas affected by cellulite soften. This process only works if you follow the instructions given to you by the estheticians exactly. The effects are gradual and treatment must be done at least twice a week. The change in your body will be documented with digital photographs. Please read more about Endermologie ™ in the brochure dedicated exclusively to that procedure.

Price includes the recommended 14 applications intended for people receiving the treatment for the first time.