AHA Treatment (Glycolic Acid)

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This treatment helps patients who suffer from acne. It also helps correct expression lines and premature aging of the skin. Glycolic acid treatments are highly enriched with different types of acids which are known as alphahydroacids (lactic, malic, pyruvic, etc.). Glycolic acid is used in greatest proportion as its molecular composition is more compatible with our skin. These dramatically improve the skin according to its condition.

Glycolic acid treatments are given in different concentrations depending on skin type, 40%, 70% and 99%. The more mature the skin, the more concentrated is the treatment for lines; at the same time, it improves the level of hydration, clarity and smoothness of the skin.

AHA treatment also helps control sebum production level in the skin and contains germicidal and antibacterial properties which helps to control acne. It accelerates skin exfoliation and allows us to promote cell regeneration. A follow-up treatment at home is recommended with products suitable for your condition. You do not need recovery time. This treatment will take place in the office and the frequency and amount of treatment will be according to the assessment and skin condition.